Ирусик (eledwine) wrote,

Евровидение 2008

believe me

Even when the thunder and storm begins
I'll be standing stong like a tree in the wind
Nothing is gonna move this mountain
or change my direction

I'm falling off the sky
And I'm all alone
The courage that's inside is gonna break my fall
Nothing is gonna dim my light within

But if I keep going on
It will never be impossible
Not today...

Cause I got something to believe in
As long as I'm breathing
There is not a limit to what I can dream
Cause I got something to believe in
Mission to keep climbing
Nothing else can stop me if I just believe
And I believe in me

Even when the world tries to pull me down
Tell me that I can try to turn me around
I won't let them put my fire out without no
But if I keep going on
It will never be impossible...
Not today...

I can do it all,
Open every door
Turn unthinkable to reality
You see
I can do it all and more!

Что тут сказать? мне понравилось:) Хотя все равно не понимаю,почему именно Билан второй раз,но зато песня не про любовь-морковь,а про...оптимиста,короче говоря:)
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